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B&B captures are being tweaked in the gallery once again. I hate to do it but I have to delete them all and then upload them again. It’s a process but it will get done eventually.

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New Look!

I decided to change the look of the main site and gallery. I’ve been playing around with various themes and settled on this one. I kinda like it but don’t be surprised if I switch things around again. I’m still customizing a few things, like the gallery. I’m in the process of resizing the thumbnails and that’s an interesting (and long) process.

Hope you all enjoy the new look of the site. It’s clean and simple, and I like that a lot.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I know I’m a bit early but Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone out there is getting some type of love this weekend.

I also added the new link for the Press Archives in the Network section of the sidebar. I had to redo the press archives after a snafu with the hosting company.

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Making Changes

Ugh! I am once again making changes behind the scenes regarding this site and gallery. I’m playing around with things so if some parts of the site are not accessible, just know that I will try my best to get it back up and running. There’s a good chance I might move this site to another hosting company. I will keep you all posted about that.

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Still Working

Still working behind the scenes to fix things at the site. I has re-upload the images/captures that got lost/deleted in the transition. I also had to redo the articles section of the site. And now it seems like there’s issues with themes for the main site. Ugh!

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Coming Back

After yet another issue, I am working with my web host to get the site back up and running. And it’s been a process. The articles and media vaults have been destroyed and I’m trying to get them restored. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend instead of uploading images. Ugh! I might have to find myself a new hosting company if this keeps up.

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We’re in a new year so let’s continue the update of the B&B captures. I am working on captures from 2015.

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Happy New Year!

I know it’s kind of early but Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2021 being better and a lot more positive for all of us. Stay safe out there and celebrate safely! See you in 2021!

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Issues Taken Care Of

The site was having a few issues over the weekend that I didn’t know about and I believe the issues have been taken care of. Big shout out to my hosting company for helping me out with the issue. I totally appreciate it.

Because of the issue, my site had to be restored to an earlier point and some captures that were uploaded did not make it. I will re-upload those captures tonight.