Rena Sofer Opens up About How Her Dogs Brought Her Love After Her Divorce

Although Rena Sofer (Quinn) isn’t an overly sentimental person, if THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star’s 15-year-old Brussels Griffon, Iggy, and younger brother/sister tag-team Alfie and Mega, are the topic of conversation, she’s practically hopeless. “My children tease me that I possibly love my dogs more than them,” she admitted to Soaps In Depth with a laugh. “They’ve never seen me love animals the way I connected to these dogs. I’m usually not that mushy-gushy person, but I became that person who takes pictures of my dogs constantly and buys them all sorts of stuff. They are like my children.”

Sofer said the bond really formed after her divorce from Sanford Bookstaver a few years ago (with whom she remains friends). “I think I just needed that feeling of unconditional love, and they gave that to me,” she reflected. “Somehow it changed everything.”

Of course, any of Sofer’s future suitors won’t make the cut if the pups don’t approve, especially because Alfie and Mega sleep in her bed, one on each shoulder. “Which takes anyone who’s allergic to dogs completely off the table, dating-wise,” said the actress.

When Sofer first discovered Alfie, he had an injured leg that required several surgeries, and the actress knew because of that cost he might not have been adopted by anyone if she didn’t step in. “I think he’s appreciative,” she admitted, “and I ended up getting his sister, too, because they are inseparable. He’s just super sweet, and she rules the roost. But they’re best friends.”

Oct 19, 2018 2:56 pm

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