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More B&B Captures Added

More captures of Rena from Bold and the Beautiful have been added the last two days and I have a lot more to add to the gallery. I haven’t even made caps of her episodes from October 2014 yet! I have a lot to catch up on so let the process begin.

Captures of Rena from the following episodes have been added: B&B – May 27, 2014, B&B – May 28, 2014, B&B – June 27, 2014, B&B – August 4, 2014, B&B – April 17, 2014, B&B – April 21, 2014, B&B – April 24, 2014, B&B – May 2, 2014, B&B – April 25, 2014.

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B&B Captures Added

I still have to add a lot of captures of Rena from daily episodes of Bold and the Beautiful. It’s snowy here in Chicago so I’m trying to start that process while I have some free time because I’m not going outside in the snow.

I added captures of Rena from the following episodes: B&B – August 7, 2014, B&B – August 8, 2014.

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New Images

Just added some images of Rena from the 2014 Hollywood Christmas Parade. She looked fantastic! Enjoy the pictures. I hope to find and add more pictures of Rena from this event.

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New Look!

Hello all! Since it is 2015, I decided to give Lady Blue Eyes a brand new look! It doesn’t look like your typical fan site but I wanted to give the site a more professional look. I think I’ve done it with this layout. I hope you all like it.

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Happy New Year!

To all of the visitors of Lady Blue Eyes, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Hope you celebrated the last day of 2014 safely but had fun doing it. Now let’s bring on 2015!

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Update to the Gallery

There’s been an update at the gallery! I’m trying to get back into updating the site regularly so let’s give it a try now.

The following albums were updated/added at the gallery: 2013 – Bold and Beautiful Fan Meet and Greet at the Farmers Market, 1999 – 26th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, and Photo Shoot #20 (S).

I’ve started the process of taking captures of Rena’s appearances on Bold and Beautiful. I hope to start adding those captures to the gallery this weekend.

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A Few Minor Adjustments

I added a redirected link for the gallery today. It has come to my attention that visitors were able to access the old gallery address (gallery/index.php) instead of going to the new gallery address (images/index.php). I added a redirected link from the old gallery to access the new gallery. Hopefully it will help the visitors see the over 33,000 images of Rena instead of seeing an old gallery with 0 images of Rena.

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I have finished the process of adding the images to the gallery. So now the gallery is fully restored and regular updates can take place. Yay!