Posted on
Jul 10, 2021

Deletion of Captures

The deletion of captures from the main gallery has been started and will continue until they are gone. I am moving the captures over to their own gallery. Once the captures have been deleted, I will start to upload...
Posted on
Jul 3, 2021

More Gallery Changes

I think I'm going to separate the gallery into two different galleries with a focus of one gallery on captures featuring Rena, especially captures of her from B&B. I feel like it's slowing down the main gallery. I will...
Posted on
May 9, 2021

B&B Captures

I started to add some captures of Rena from the latest episodes of B&B. She's in another trash storyline in which Quinn has to beg for Eric's forgiveness. Why oh why can't it ever be the other way around...
Posted on
Mar 24, 2021

Site Back Online

The site is finally back online after my web host did something weird. I'm getting tired of the hosting interruptions. Hopefully, this is it but I won't hold my breath on that comment.
Posted on
Feb 28, 2021


B&B captures are being tweaked in the gallery once again. I hate to do it but I have to delete them all and then upload them again. It's a process but it will get done eventually.