Posted on
Feb 14, 2021

New Look!

I decided to change the look of the main site and gallery. I've been playing around with various themes and settled on this one. I kinda like it but don't be surprised if I switch things around again. I'm...
Posted on
Jan 31, 2021

Making Changes

Ugh! I am once again making changes behind the scenes regarding this site and gallery. I'm playing around with things so if some parts of the site are not accessible, just know that I will try my best to...
Posted on
Jan 23, 2021

Still Working

Still working behind the scenes to fix things at the site. I has re-upload the images/captures that got lost/deleted in the transition. I also had to redo the articles section of the site. And now it seems like there's...
Posted on
Jan 22, 2021

Coming Back

After yet another issue, I am working with my web host to get the site back up and running. And it’s been a process. The articles and media vaults have been destroyed and I’m trying to get them restored....
Posted on
Jan 1, 2021


We're in a new year so let's continue the update of the B&B captures. I am working on captures from 2015.
Posted on
Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year!

I know it's kind of early but Happy New Year everyone! Here's to 2021 being better and a lot more positive for all of us. Stay safe out there and celebrate safely! See you in 2021!